Swedish Trails to the Past


Beginning to Follow Those Footsteps...

Klara Hansdotter and Gustaf Larsson, taken in Sweden about 1885.
Thus begins our journey to the past. The lives and family of Gustaf Larsson and Klara Hansdotter of Lugarp, Floby Parish, Skaraborgs Län, Sweden. We strive to tell their story, introduce their descendants and discover their ancestors.

Klara Hansdotter was orphaned at a very young age, along with her twin sister Petronella and two brothers when her parents both drowned while fishing in open waters close to their home along the north east coast in Loftahämmar, Kalmar, Sweden in 1842. We do not know at this time how she came to end up so far away from her home area of Kalmar, to later marry Gustaf Larsson in Floby Parish, Skaraborgs Län, Sweden in the year 1864. Floby Parish was far removed to the south from Loftahämmar. The fate of her siblings is not known at this time.

Gustaf was born in Lugarp, Floby Parish, Skaraborgs Län in 1834. Klara and Gustaf had other children which we will list soon on another page within this site. Of their several children, Klara and Gustaf had two sons that are known to have emigrated from Sweden to the United States; Frederick Albert Lars(s)on born in 1867 and Johan Gustafsson aka John Hellgren who was born in 1864. Both sons were born in Lugarp. The brothers each married girls who were sisters with the patronymic the last name of Andersson. Fred married Wilhelmina "Minnie" in Cook County, Illinois after their separate arrivals to this country and John married Maria Christina in Sweden after serving in the Swedish military and before they both left for America. We believe the girls were also from the Floby Parish area or nearby but their lineage has yet to be proven.

The records and lineage which have been researched and proven will be offered on this website.

This is a "new" work in progress....more information and records will be added soon. I welcome family information, questions and comments. See ABOUT ME and my blog: "Those Old Memories" for more information.