Swedish Trails to the Past

About Me

I am a 59year old Mother of two grown sons and Grandmother of 8 wonderful grandchildren.We live far way from the Grandchildren but enjoy all the time we get to spend together. My husband and I love dogs and they are a big part of our family. I am retired from owning and operating a sporting goods business for 32 years and I finally have time to pursue my special interests full time. I have been interested in genealogy for years but never had the time to work on it very much until about 6 years ago when  I did retire. Now I devote about 10 hours a day nearly every day doing my family research. When there is free time.. I love to fish, hunt and camp with Hubby and family every chance I get during the year.

My college years were spent in the study of  geology and sciences but I ended up pursuing many other interests. Reading is my favorite past time when I am not working on genealogy....history in particular, science, and archaeology as long as it is non-fiction! Crafting and scrap booking also find their way into my busy schedule. I have been married to the same great guy for 40 years and he lets me pursue any and all of my interests. They are his Swedish ancestors that are the subject of this study. My sister-in-law and I travel together to do our family research, attend conferences and in pursuit of our love for genealogy, we co-author the popular genealogy blog: "The You Go Genealogy Girls".

My business: Cherished Photo Reflections, features quality digital photo restorations and handcrafted original Family       Remembrance Art for your home. A brochure with pricing for digital services and Remembrance Art is available by mail or as a PDF via email.

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